There can be no freedom apart from activity, and within the spectacle all is banned.
Guy Debord

STILE was focused around a critique of street furnishings, and the ways in which they govern the movements and behaviours of people. Individuals are led towards some things, and away from others. STILE highlights the concept of restriction of movement in the urban environment by making use of unwanted furnishings found on the street, modified to fit between railings, in an effort to provide people with new possibilities in urban locomotion.

While working on the project, it became apparent that people on the street were stopping to look at these oddly assembled items of furniture. Fundamentally linked to the issue that STILE is addressing, is also the fact that many urban dwellers travel through the city in a closed mental state. They are guided by railings and fences, seeming to move around the city in an almost automated, closed fashion. The fact that the work seemed to be attracting the interest of passers by, might suggest that work of this nature also functions to encourage thought and surreptitiously make the viewer more aware, and more open to looking and seeing.