Totalitarianism creep’s on cat’s feet till it pounces for the kill. Then the shadowed spaces are the only place of refuge. They’re the only place of refuge… now for those parts of all of us, those parts of each of us, at whatever age, that can’t quite buy the current order.
Denis Wood

Intended as a small habitat in which individuals are able to seek refuge from their everyday surroundings, TENT is a positive intervention in the urban landscape. It was created from unwanted sheets, blankets, duvet covers and cloths which were sewn together and thrown over a lamp-post.

TENT creates a hidden space where one can reflect without the distractions of the everyday, or engage in activities that may not be socially acceptable. The subtlety and dreamlike aesthetic of the work accentuates this idea of a space within the city but functioning out-with it, the complete transformation, and yet at the same time, negation, of capitalist space.